Universal Engine Timing Disc - Degree Wheel

Goniometro per Messa in Fase dei Motori a 4 Tempi

0 - 90 - 0 - 90 wheel with 1 divisions
Suitable for all motors

Fits nicely on Letter or A 4 page     7.5 inch ( 19 cm. ) diameter
Inner circles are 1 mm. apart, outer circles 5 mm

The degree wheel may be freely downloaded and printed for your own use only

You are welcome to forward a link to your friends or club members
but please use this URL     www.machinerycleanery.com    

DON'T try to print it straight from the web page
Wait until it has opened fully then Right click on the disc
Save to your Desktop, then open it from Desktop
with PhotoPaint etc., and print

~ Degree Wheel Universal ~ 390 Kb jpg

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