Nylon Bristle Brush Instruction Sheet

Your brush is constructed from Nylon bristles secured in the brass handle by epoxy resin.

The brush may be used dry for dusting and removing soft deposits, or with common cleaning solutions and solvents for more stubborn grease and grime.

Nylon bristles should not be used with strong acids, bleaching agents, peroxide solutions, potassium permanganate, chloroform, phenol, trichloroethylene and ethyl acetate.

Nylon bristles are available in sizes C, D, E and F

Precautions and Safety Instructions

You are advised to wear eye protection when using the brush as fine particles or solvent droplets can be propelled from the work area at high speed.

Do not use near live electrical cables or terminals.

Do not use near hot engine or machinery parts.

Cleaning the Brush

If brushes get clogged with grease or grime drag the bristles backwards on rough concrete or old carpet. Rotate the brush as it is dragged and most of the debris will be gone.

Brushes may be washed in suitable solvents or hot water and detergents. They may be placed in boiling water or autoclaved, but do not use until cool.

Shake out any liquid from handle. Store dry.

Rejuvenating your Brush

Eventually the bristles will wear down or fatigue. The bristles are secured deep within the handle and a new working set of bristles can be revealed by removing a section of the handle. Each brush can be renewed several times.

Make a groove around the handle about 12 mm. from the tip with a triangular file, just breaking through to the bristles all the way along. Discard brass section. Cut bristles with sharp scissors or cutters to suitable shape and length. Your brush is now ready to perform as new.

All brushes are handmade and are guaranteed free of manufacturing defects.

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