Street Cred

Although the brushes had been around for decades they first received public attention in the New Products section of Australian Motor Cycle News in Feb 1999

Photo Courtesy AMCN

Caption - " Brush Off the Years "

Photo and caption courtesy of Rod Chapman " Australian Motor Cycle News "

After thorough workshop evaluation in 2001 the brushes received the " thumbs up " from the prestigious   DUCATIMECCANICA.COM     with a page in their selection of recommended motorcycle tools and useful products -   Parts and Goodies  

They were subject of an article in the Antique Motor Cycle Club of America magazine " Blood Sweat and Gears " Spring 2002

The National Motorcycle Museum UK  were " putting them to good use " during restorations on alloy damaged in their fire, and they have been highly praised by expert restorers on many vintage motorcycle email groups and internet forums including the Ducati Bevelheads, the B M W Airheads and Laverdapedia Lists.

Here's some examples of web discussions about cleaning alloy with references to the brushes -

The MV Forum  From an MV and Ducati rider/collector

Topic: So how the heck do YOU clean your engine in situ?   Brushes mentioned on page 2

And another

Renovating a 1982 Katakura-Silk bicycle   Apart from mentioning the brushes this is a great story which any serious restorer of mechanical devices will enjoy immensely

In the Workshop

Although small, the brushes are extremely tough workshop tools and are in use for a wide variety of applications apart from rejuvenating old aluminum alloy motors.

For example, the Machinery Cleanery is " Official Supplier of Small Brushes " to the restoration workshops of the Melbourne Maritime Museum, home to the "POLLY WOODSIDE "




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