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The Machinery Cleanery makes a range of small brushes for cleaning and refinishing cast aluminium alloy surfaces

Four sizes with Stainless Steel bristles

There are four sizes (A, B, C and D) with stainless steel bristles for removing corrosion or baked on grime

Size B SS between the fins

Size B with stainless steel bristles working on the cylinder wall between the cooling fins

Four sizes with Nylon bristles

There are four sizes (C, D, E and F) with Nylon bristles for cleaning off dried mud and soft deposits

Ducati 750 GT

The brushes were originally made for refinishing and maintaining bare alloy castings on motorcycles and enable corrosion to be removed safely from alloy surfaces which are not polished, painted or anodised including the hard to reach places on aircooled motorcycle motors, usually without the need to remove parts or dismantle the motor

Ducati Bevel Twin motor close up

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